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What is Organizational Development (OD)?

Organization Development is the dynamic systems-based approach to building the capacity of both individuals and organizations to achieve and sustain a new desired state that benefits the organization using methodologies and approaches such as:
- Strategic planning
- Organization design
- Leadership development
- Change management
- Performance management
- Coaching
- Diversity
- Work/life balance

 ...creating a vibrant, inclusive community of OD professionals.




SAAOD May 2013 Meeting

Friday, May 17, 2013
Valero Headquarters
Building D, Room 138
11:30 to 1:00


Our key-note presenter is Mr. Darryl Byrd, CEO at SA2020. Mr. Byrd is involved in igniting and engaging 1.345 million stakeholders in leading social, infrastructural, economic, educational and cultural change that is transforming our great city for the betterment of all.
Prior to joining SA2020, Darryl led the transformation of the historic Pearl Brewery from an aging manufacturing plant into the multi-use gem of our City’s urban landscape.  He will share with us his approach to engineering broad and sweeping change that is energizing, sustainable and yields tangible, meaningful results.
For more information,
please call our VP of Programs,
Laura Eickhoff
at 210-258-1418

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Early Bird Registration is from April 24, 2013 thru
May 10, 2013
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SAAOD is dedicated to being a leader in the advancement of the theory and practice of organization development by: 
  • Helping to define and communicate the values, purposes and benefits of organization development
  • Promoting the effective and ethical use of organization development principles, tools and best practices
  • Supporting practitioners through enhanced learning and professional development opportunities
  • Providing a values-based home for San Antonio area OD practitioners, researchers and educators to exchange ideas and create dialogue on critical issues
  • Sharing leadership and partnering with others to achieve our mission


SAAOD Members, let us know what's going on in your industries.  Each month, various topics are posted on our Discussion Page.   Let us know your views on:

  • Strong Leadership is Essential
  • Ensuring Business Process through Managing Organizational Change
  • Binocular Leadership
  • Handling Change Brings Challenges
  • Lead the Way - Retaining Your Workforce During the Economic Recovery
  • New ways to promote development when you have no budget!
  • SAAOD Tool Exchange Assembled New Ideas & Opportunities
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